Dry soil removal

Cleaning time can efficiently remove soiling during the leather cleaning process by first removing any dry soil using an industrial vacuum cleaner. Many of our clients are surprised by this step of the leather cleaning process, but it enables us to clean both the leather and upholstered part of the furniture item.

Soil extraction

Cleaning time use a suitable and mild detergent. This key step in the leather cleaning process removes any remaining soil and grease adhered to the leather. By gently agitating the cleaning solution with a soft sponge, we can clean deep into the grain of the leather and restore the colour and texture.


The next step in the leather cleaning process is to thoroughly rinse the leather to remove the last traces of emulsified soil and grease. This prepares the leather surface for conditioning and finishing, providing an enduring cleanliness.


We then proceed to apply a leather conditioner and finishing agent to the leather surface and gently agitate the solution with a soft cloth. The finishing cream penetrates deep into the leather, providing a conditioning effect that locks away moisture in the leather and ensures a long lasting supple feel.


After a short period of drying, the next step in the leather cleaning process is to polish the leather surface. We polish the surface of the leather using a cotton towel to leave a lustrous and long lasting shine.

Leather (protection):-

Finely we apply a Leather protection. This product maintains a proper moisture balance in your Leather and resists the effect of daily spills and soiling. it also ensures a long-lasting and supple feel.